Thursday, July 12, 2012

The sun will come up tomorrow!


Well well... where to begin haha. The past little while I have kinda been struggling i had been dating a guy and i feel for him way to hard and WAY to fast. He was a great guy and i started thinking wow he might really be the one. (Believe me when i say i DON'T think this way). I looked forward to each day and what it would bring. I would go to bed at night excited to get up in the morning and go to work just cause i knew i would see him. It was fun! Life was great in my eyes! But like normal (with my dating life) all good things will come to an end haha. This kinda started my slump, first i started eating everything (not like me) and i didn't want to do anything i just got tired of it all. I kinda felt sorry for myself. My life felt very inadequate, and very unimportant. I mean what was i doing with life?? I felt like every ones life was progressing and mine has just stayed very constant. It took me a while but i felt like my old self again. Everything was great, not for any particular reason but we were all just having fun! This past week has been a little rocky. I finally broke down yesterday and thought "how am i going to do this??", "What am i going to do?" I felt very sorry for my self. (DON'T DO IT DOESN'T HELP).

 I came to work this morning very down and discouraged. As I was sitting at my desk this darling couple walked in carrying there baby. She is probably a year old and is going through radiation. Then walked in a 20 year old boy that 5 days before he was to leave on his mission was diagnosed with cancer. The next patient to come in was also 20 and is going to be going to his first year of college in the fall, and he wants to have plastic surgery to cover the scars on his head. This is how the next hour continued. As i sat at my desk i started to cry and i thought " what do i have to complain about?" In that first hour of work i realized I have a wonderful life. I have so much to be grateful for! My health, family, friends, the gospel, my job, my country and so on.  All our trials are different, and its how we chose to endure them. I don't know who said the quote but it said "don't endure, but endure well." And that's just what i need to do i have so much to be grateful for and i need to remember how blessed i am. The sun will come up tomorrow and life will continue to move forward. I need to trust in the lord. Life is wonderful and i am so grateful for who i am. Thank you for everyone who inspires me to be better.

“Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he’s been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to just be people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is like an old time rail journey…delays…sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling burst of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley

(picture is not significant to this post but i just like when people put them up. And i am very very thankful for my wonderful family!)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny little story....

So i love the gym! I think you get better workouts when you go compared to at home. When i moved to Salt Lake i started going to the Any Time Fitness, i would go everyday and i just loved it... After i had been going there awhile i started to notice the CUTIEST boy but i never talked to him because I hate the type of people that just go to the gym to hook up with guys. So one week we happened to be the only two in the gym and got to talking (let me remind you its been about 2 months and we FINALLY talked) but he was SOOOOOOOO nice and cute! so that whole week we would go to the gym at the same time and just chat it up for a least an hour, work out together and it was great... all i knew about him was his name was David from California. So I decided that i was going to invite him to the Sugerland concert well the week went by and guess what i never saw David, So then i decided i was going to invite him to the Rascal Flats concert and guess what NO DAVID. I always carried gym clothes in the car and would drive by the gym just in case he was there. So I made a decision NO MATTER what the next time i saw him I was going to ask him to do something.

Well yesterday i went to the gym and i was dead tired i had no desire to go but i thought "just go see if he was there" So as i was pulling up he WAS there i got so nervous and i thought I cant chicken out. So i went in and there he was... we started talking and he asked all sorts of questions how i had been, where i had been and so on. He then asked if anything new in my life and of course i said no... So then said well what about you and he was like "o no nothing to exciting". So then i finally got up the courage and said " hey so what are you up to this weekend.?" I then watch him start to laugh and he replys "I am actually married, i got married two weeks ago!". Believe me when i say i wanted to turn around and RUN no walk but RUN out the door. haha he was actually way nice about it and we still talked.

But i did leave the gym that day in shock... I was kinda crushed but i just thought at least i put my self out there! haha

Friday, July 1, 2011

Japan Eathquake

Well my trip to Japan started out VERY promising this year....My first day few days there were so awesome! I went skiing, saw Mt. Fugi, and was able and visit with Elder Holland! So Awesome!!!!

All right well i think its safe to say that so fare i have brought ZERO luck to myself and the people of japan when ever i visit...

Year one- H1N1

Year 2- Kidney Problems

Year 3- The Biggest earthquake

Well our day started out so fun... It had been so cold that week and then on Friday it was absolutely beautiful. So we were SO excited! We decided to go shopping, a great lunch and then to Disneyland that night... in my mind it was a just a perfect day!!

haha boy was i ever wrong! We were going on a boat cruise from one of the shopping areas to a another, when we were trying to dock our boat the driver kept ramming the side of the dock. We didn't have a clue why he didn't just park the dumb boat so we could get off and catch the other one that would take us to the mall ... But when looked over at the mall and saw a big black cloud of smoke, in that area is Disneyland and behind it is an airport so we thought well maybe one of the plains had crashed.. We didn't have a clue. When we finally got off the boat we were told that there was just a large earthquake and that we needed to get away from the water because they were very worried about a tsunami hitting. At this point we grabbed a cab and headed for home... while we were on our way home the first huge after shock hit... I felt like i was back on the boat rocking back and forth... People were running out of there buildings, everyone was on the streets.
We finally made it back to our apartment... First problem.... The elevator is our front door, and once the earthquake hit none of them work anymore so we had to take the stairs all the way up every time. Second problem.... our cute house was TRASHED. You would just walk from one room to the other shaking your head. Pictures were ripped, dishes broken, and so many other problems. It was unbelievable the damaged that happened in an amount of a few minutes.

The day was a very unrealistic, all the subways had closed and there were people stranded EVERYWHERE. They slept outside and ate out of the mini marts. People started to worry about running out of food due to the fact that they couldn't get trucks in because the roads were so packed. There was after shocks one right after another. You felt like you were getting sea sick cause you constantly were shaking. My cousin kyle had been at school when the earthquake hit. They loaded the bus at 4 pm to get them home, they didn't get home till 12:15 am.
The days following were not close to normal, stores were closed, people still everywhere. Then we started worrying about radiation and black outs. Japans problems were fare from over! I saw how strong the Japanese people were, they, they worked together and they never gave up! I am so amazed at the strength that they have as a country!

Don't worry i will be going back next year!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I always have viewed blogs as for people who are married and i always said i would NEVER get a blog until i was married... Well as you all may know i am not married and not really very close haha but here i am starting a blog! and thanks to my wonderful sister she helped me make it look way cute! So i guess i am becoming a blogger

My 22nd Year!!!

I came home from church today and decided i would write in my journal which turned more into a read old pages. My first page in this journal was from my birthday last year, i had written how my twenty-second year was going to be the best year ever! After sitting there and thinking about my year i realized that it really truly has been the best year!!!


- After many years of going to school i can finally say i am now a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!! (yay... go me!!) I walk at the end of April so it will be a much needed celebration!
-I lost 25 pounds
- I finished golfing at UVU (which is not a happy thing but it had to make the list)
- i got to travel to different places of the world
- Went out with some super cute guys ( I didn't fall in love, but i still had fun and made some new friends)
- I realized that i had a new love CUP CAKES!!!! (If you ever want some just let me know)
- I learned that one of my favorite meals is the salad at Cafe Rio! ( i could probably eat it everyday)
- I love to run and do it everyday... and i hope to run a marathon
- I was able to see my beautiful little sister get married

- But i think the thing that made my year so great is that i over came a challenge that i never imagined i would be able to conquer! What started out as something i didn't know how i would get through turned out to be the best and biggest adventure i have ever been on!

I learned how important the gospel is. My testimony grew and was strengthened everyday as i watched the many miracles that went on around me! I was blessed to realize just how important the power of the priesthood really is and that no matter what i needed the strength that it offered me!

I realized what it meant to love yourself and to enjoy what you are doing now. I cant focus on the things which i don't have yet, but just enjoy my life and what i am doing now!

I realized what AMAZING friends i have! They were always there to help me ( and that they wanted to help me) and it just took me pushing my pride aside and allowing them in. Through this we all became better friends and they have made me a MUCH better person! I love them all and i am so blessed that they are in my life and for their strength!

But i think the biggest thing i have learned is the love of a my family! I didn't realize how much i took them for granted. But i have learned that i have the VERY BEST family in the world (this is my extended family as well)! I would never have been able to get through this year without there love, and support. They were my constant cheerleaders and supporters. From the hospital, to doctor appointments, and to chemo treatments they were ALWAYS by my side! I have been so blessed!!!! My friendships grew with each member and i want to thank them all for there support!!

My sisters who were a constant brightnesses in EVERYDAY! Always showing me love and compassion! I could never have gotten through this year without them and there examples to be better and to never give up. They are both amazing wives and i am so blessed to have there examples. They are both beautiful inside and out and i am so grateful to be related to them!

My brother and his constant love that he is always gives to me! He has helped me through so much. He has become one of my biggest hero's and i look up to him and i love him! I am so grateful that i have been blessed to get to know him so well. Thank you for always letting me cry on your shoulder!

My dad for his talks, encouragement and for making the love of the savior and always demonstrating it in our home, and honoring power of the priesthood and always making us realize how important it is to have in our home! He is amazing and i am so grateful for his happy personality and bringing it into every situation!

And last but not least my WONDERFUL mother! Who's strength got me through the hardest times!!! She was at every doctors appointment, hospital stay, chemo treatment, along with the many hard days that came after. I would look forward to treatments because i knew that she would be there. She showed me so much love and support and i will never be able to thank her enough! She was my biggest cheerleader and has become my very Best Friend!!!!

As you can see my twenty second year of my life wasn't all gilts and glam but it was the best year of my life! I grew to be a better stronger person and i have now seen so many examples of the person i hope to become! Thank you for all of your help!!!! I cant WAIT to see what my twenty third year brings!!!!